"Inspiring people to reconnect with nature through the arts"

Our inspiration

Art, like nature, enriches lives.  It has the power to inspire and inform people about the natural wonders of the world which, if neglected and abused, will leave an irreparable gap in the ecosystems that support all forms of life as we know it. 

Our goal is to work with artists from multiple disciplines to curate works of art and design with a striking visual impact and a compelling message. By revealing the innate beauty of the various species the rewilding movement seeks to restore, our projects are geared towards raising awareness and funds.  

Each of the products showcased in our online gallery are for sale. For our customers, they serve as a lasting reminder of the aesthetic and ecological importance of living side by side with nature.  For conservation groups, they are a source of vital donor support – a percentage of our profits will always go towards conservation groups committed to rewilding.

Our Mission

The first step towards effective conservation is awareness.  Our mission aims to reconnect people with the natural world by using art to alert them to the wonder of endangered species such as the turtle dove and the keystone species such as beavers, lynx, wolves, wales, boars and pine martins. These species are vital to the future of the world;s natural habitats and yet our fractured relationship to anture is dramatically facilitating their decline.

At Rewild.life we believe we can change that narrative. 

The growth of the global rewilding movement marks an important shift in the collective conscience. Our goal is to tap into that movement by using art, design, film and technology to reveal the innate value of nature. As well as raising awareness and funds, our efforts are motivated by a fundamental desire to create a community that can collaborate and innovate in the interest of positive environmentalism.

By aligning our work with the efforts of other organisations and individuals committed to rewilding across the UK and beyond, such as Rewilding Britain, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), we hope to build a better future where nature and humanity can coexist more effectively.

Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall they be saved.
— Jane Goodall

What we're up to

Who we are


When Chris heard about the plight of the turtle dove, he was inspired to take action. Even though they are such an iconic species, people had not heard about the declining numbers or even knew what they looked like. This gave him the idea of using art and design to reach more people and started creating pieces inspired by their natural beauty. In 2015 this concept turned into the project Rewild.Life and has now already attracted a number of people to get involved in some way or another. Chris has always been full of ideas and creativity which has led him to work as a set designer, a prop builder, app designer and a scriptwriter.


Helena moved to Bristol in 2013 to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Animals have always played an important role in her life, from her pet beagle to her favourite wild animals, the Mountain Gorillas. Considering that their numbers are declining because of the destruction of their habitat and the bush meat trade, conservation is something very close to her heart. With a degree in in Film & TV, she wants to use these skills to raise awareness with film as well as art and design to reach the wider public. She is also a keen photographer and loves to cook a nice meal.