Origami Turtle Dove Greetings Cards


The once abundant European Turtle Dove, of '12 Days of Christmas' fame is now the fastest declining bird species in the UK. Down 90% since 1970, it is on the IUCN Red list that includes endangered species such as the African Elephant.

10 % of the profits from the sale of this product will go towards the conservation efforts to save the species and its habitat.

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Flying colours Series by Arthur Buxton

Flying Colours (2015)

'Red 52’ | ‘Amber 126’ | ‘Green 68’

Flying Colours (2016)

‘Red 67’ | ‘Amber 96’ | ‘Green 81’

The artworks were produced by interpreting the findings of the 'Birds of Conservation Concern: the population status of birds in the United Kingdom, Cannel Islands and the Isle of Man' of the years 2009 (BoCC3) and 2015 (BoCC4).
Of the 246 species of bird that were assessed in 2009, 52 of them were assigned to the Red list, which is the highest conservation concern. Six years later, the list has increased to 67 species (based on 244 bird species.

In the artworks, each of the bird species is represented as individual pie charts, comprised of the 7 most prominent colours of each bird, shown proportionally. 

Limited Edition Turtle Dove Cushions by Jacky Puzey



Turtle dove embroidered woollen cushion with colour palette and Shakespearian text from the poem 'Phoenix and the Turtle'. Designed and machine embroidered by award winning artist Jacky Puzey.

Individual Bird Cushions by Jacky Puzey