useful Choices Spring 2017

We have compiled a list of links that we find interesting. These include tips on how to make your garden more Turtle Dove friendly, where you can donate and more general links on alternative products for a more environmental-conscious lifestyle.


Operation Turtle Dove

Operation Turtle Dove has been tracking the journeys of several birds to learn more about their behaviours and migration routes. This helps them find out which challenges the birds encounter and target their conservation efforts more effectively. Find out more and track the birds yourself here.

Help Save Turtle Doves

  • Creating habitat and a food source for Turtle Doves in your own garden.

  • Buy products from companies that set aside as least 10% of land for wildlife habitat.

  • Shopping and price comparison website that donates its commission to your chosen charity

  • Report sightings of Turtle Doves

  • Donations and animal adoptions


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